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California Needs
Nearly 400,000 Nurses by 2025

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Partner in Economic and Workforce Development

Knowing that California's future workforce is essential to a healthy economy, we continually assess and respond to the state's evolving needs, earning the appreciation and respect of employers and students alike. And with every dollar invested in the University returning $13.40 to the state's economy, learning at, investing in and hiring from Cal State Fullerton is a win-win-win.


A Superior Investment  footnote

For every $1 invested by the state in CSUF, it returns $13.40 to the state's economy.

Infographic of CSUF Investment


CSUF's Statewide Impact  footnote

An economic powerhouse in Orange County and beyond, CSUF is an employer, a generator of economic activity and a provider of tax revenue.

$2.26B in economic activity

15,140 jobs supported

$126M in state and local tax revenue


Spending Power

Spending Power  footnote

Alumni working in California accrue an estimated $4.3 billion in annual spending power attributable to their CSUF degree.


Local Jobs, Local Impact  footnote

Cal State Fullerton is Orange County's 8th largest employer.

Representation of CSUF local employment



Top in Health Professions  footnote

CSUF is among the top 25 institutions in the nation awarding bachelor's degrees to Latinos entering health professions and related programs.


Career Success

The Latino Communications Initiative develops an industry-ready workforce through courses and certificate programs in Latino-oriented communication studies aimed at succeeding in a Hispanic market with $1.3 trillion in purchasing power.

Comprehensive Support

A cluster of CSUF centers serve as resources for regional businesses, including the Center for Entrepreneurship, Family Business Center and Small Business Institute. CSUF also issues a highly regarded annual economic forecast.


A Champion of Small Business

CSUF is home to the region's lead center of the Small Business Development Center Network, focused on empowering small business by advancing job creation, job retention and business expansion through expert consulting, effective training and access to resources.